Friday, August 13, 2010

Mabul Island (Semporna Trip 2010 - Part IV)

Continuity from my trip at Semporna. In this post i would like to share my visit to Mabul Island. Semporna town is blessed with beautiful sandy beach island and colourful corals... So when you come to this town dont miss it!

Woke up.. early morning and go to the open market nearby.. cos my mom asked me to buy some sotong kering and banyak lagi lah..... hahaha

so me and others walked passing this beautiful mosque (below)

Semporna Mosque

After walking through the market we asked people around for the direction, and after several minutes of walking, we finally found that place. If you are a seafood lover, this place might be your haven!

The sea is the lifeline of Semporna, and everything related to the sea can be bought at very cheap prices.

Sotong Kering

The Sotong Kering or Dried squid is really nice if you cook sambal on it.. The cooking methods is heat oil, add ground ingredients, salt and sugar, and fry till fragrant. Add sotong, fry for a while then add tamarind juice and leave to cook till fairly dry. and lastly Bon a petit!

Enough with the cooking recipe, after that we were back to our rooms and packing. Because afterward we will be heading to Mabul Island!

After packing we have to go to the Borneo Divers Centre at Semporna Oceanic Toursim Centre just few meters from Dragon Inn Resort. They will serve and bring us to Mabul and Sipadan later on.

Borneo Divers & Sea Sports

Borneo Divers, founded in 1984, was the first full service professional dive operation in Borneo. Their company headquarters are located in the modern city of Kota Kinabalu, and with outstanding dive destinations include the world famous Sipadan and Mabul on the East coast of Sabah and training centre on Mamutik, just a 15 minute boat ride from the city of Kota Kinabalu where regular courses are conducted at all levels from Open Water Diver to PADI Course Director. With years of experience and a leadership role in professionalism, Borneo Divers is still the first choice of discriminating dive travelers who want the best that Sabah has to offer.

We left Semporna Town by Borneo Diver boat. From here it takes about 50minutes journey by speedboat.

Bajau lady waving for my lens

Leaving the Semporna town behind

Who wants to buy this house??

This boat journey makes some of my friends do their most favorite things to do... which is sleeping!!

How on earth they can built those wooden house??


Finally we reached Mabul Island

You can take a look pictures that i snap below....

Borneo Divers Jetty

How clear the water is... amazing

Snorkeling activity

Corals in Mabul

This jetty will lead us to the Borneo Divers Mabul Island Resort

Beautiful white sandy beach

Kampung Pulau Mabul (Mabul Island Village)

Home sweet home.... ;)

SWV, Sipadan Water Village.. one of 5 star resort here in Mabul

SMART (Sipadan-Mabul Resort)

Monitor lizard

Sunset in Mabul

I did try this.. this is water sports equipment


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