Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Behind the scene (Mimi's Engagement)

After the engagement ceremony over all of them the ladies just can't stop posing and gave me sexy-wild posed *winked

I'm doing my part by portrait 'em into pictures.. easy...

Jassinta and Maxine, my colleagues from Sabah Tourism Board
(Togetherness* practical there)

This is Marilyn oso my colleagues

The girl-who-already-engaged

for those who didn't know bout her, Jassinta is Miss Sabah 2010 winner
will represent Sabah this coming July / August for Miss Malaysia World

They are single ladies... ohhh single ladies

Mimi with her friends doing some eating action

opppsss first-sighted love?? hahaha

Fidelis another man-in-action on that day

my ladies

Guess who is her (pictures below)

Any guessing?? ;P


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