Monday, July 12, 2010

My Friend's Engagement

Somewhere around month of May, my friend Mimie did asked me a favor to be her photographer on the engagement's day. I don't want since i don't have any experience on taking wedding or engagement ceremony. She refused and want me to. I told her that i'm doing this just to help her, as friendship matters (wahhhh) and also to gain my experience.

I brought my friend Fidelis (Just Call mE bOSsing!!) and i'll assist him on that day.

Enuff talkin lets the pictures tell y'all

Mimie's family members

The shy one

Mimie @ Sharmila Rahayu

with her lovely mom

Mimie engaged to Gadaffi Musli. If y'all recognize him, he's actually one of RTM personality TV. Mimie's father is M. Borhan the actor.

Thanks for give me opportunity to snaps2 y'all ;P

ps: I'm still learning and i'm not freelancer just doing this for my 'kawan' and as a hobbies ;P


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