Monday, July 26, 2010

Do i have too ?

(Taken using my nokia phone - 2008)

time goes by... guilty is me, its me myself...
i am who started it
you are true
it too fast
but, im afraid it might change me
change forever

(me, 2010)


Sesumpah said...


gambar semua dah cun

tapi i serve nuffnagg seblah ni annoying gila asik ikut jeh hakhak :D

Nieylicio Kerolicio said...

Nice pic.. ^_^

C. M. Ansibin said...

Sesumpah: hehehehe.... makasih.. still belajar g... amik gambar gak ke? hehee biaq p nuffnang tu terbang2... hehe

C. M. Ansibin said...

thanks Nieylicio Kerolicio.. still need to learn more....

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