Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lubuk Manggis

Yesterday we went up to the Lubuk Manggis, near Hulu Langat Selangor. Took about 1hrs drive from Shah Alam. izzit?

Privately owned and managed by a local resident, this is a popular picnic and recreational spot amongst families. The bubbling river waters that are knee-deep make it a great place for children and their to frolic in. A wooden bridge connects the main road to the booths and camp sites where picnic-goers can take shelter in and enjoy their meals and siesta.

trying the water flow... but i failed..!! X X X
(still in learning process mah... right?)

While they BBQ-ing, im taking my time to enjoy the nature... while in my mind said... "Sabah is more nature-ally" But then at the same time i just need to appreciate everything... i t won't last forever! NO COAL! (oppps free ads for the Gomen)

Kid having problem with his goggle

Lubuk Manggis, wonder why this place called by that name. Didn't see any Manggis tree nearby.

Having so much fun.

Yeah thats all, thanks to my sis cos bring me to this place. at least my brain can stop working for my upcoming exam.


KIDbrush® said...

gosh!! what a nice place! fresh & quiet aehh

C. M. Ansibin said...

yeah... really peaceful place..

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