Monday, December 27, 2010

A morning in Mabul (Semporna Trip 2010 - Part VI)

Hello readers, since im just doing nothing today (last minute cancellation class). im going to continue my very-long-post-about my Semporna 2010 Trip.

So here it goes... in a very sunny day in a far far away island called Mabul. ;)

‘No good travel photo album is complete without the token sunrise or sunset picture!’

While you are enjoying the sunrise, you must be thinking of how to take a better sunrise picture right? same goes to me. i always wanted to have a picture that stood out from the others. use your creativity and come up with many wonderful shots.

Taken at the Borneo Divers Resort, Mabul

Woke up in the early of the morning just to capture the sunrise moment. Me and the others don't waste any time and straight walking to the jetty and to wait for the sun to come out.

Orange-ish color and Sipadan Water Village in a distance.

as you can see in this picture above. the different colors on the sky. where the sun has just risen.

Mabul written on top of the sands.

Human figured silhouette

i always like to capture silhouette. for me the picture will be simple but it tells many story behind it.

change a bit of the setting can turn ur picture into a quite creative like this one whereas the saturation setting is high.

or else you can try to snap a picture from a foreground angle. like this picture where you can see the sun flare throughout the grass.

Thats all for today post. hope you guys enjoy it and let me know your feedback. CnC are most welcome.

Thank you,
CM Ansibin


shazika said...

nice picture!
keep it up

C. M. Ansibin said...

thanks shazika..... really appreciate it.

floyd said...

This seems a very nice & beautiful place to visit. Love the first pic.

Hope I can make it to Mabul soon.

C. M. Ansibin said...

Thanks floyd.. indeed.. Mabul is haven for divers n non divers too... wonderful beach.. wonderful crystal clear blue water.. AMAZING!

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