Friday, October 11, 2013

Animal in Bali, Indonesia (2012)

For some reasons some of animals in Bali as considered as sacred like viper, monkey and eagle. While travelling there you can see that local there actually taking care of them. What i can say is ANIMAL LOVER!

 A monkey we found in Uluwatu.. Just sitting there and expecting wanderer to give em food.

 An eagle's eye - Turtle Island in Bali

 Salt Water snake / viper that being kept inside a cave near to Tanah Lot

 Big turtle as big as standard coffee table

Close-up look snake in 'Sacred Snake Cave' at Tanah Lot

I wish i had a lot things to say. But i don't, i just can't recall everything and i am upset about it! Anyway they said sea snake is venomous. But im not sure.


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