Friday, October 11, 2013

Remaining Bali Trip - Barong & Kecak Performance and so on... (2012)

Girl in traditional Bali costume welcoming us..

We went to watch Barong and Kechak dance.

Barong or "lion dance" — a ritual dance depicting the fight between good and evil, with performers wearing fearsome lion-like masks. This dance is often staged specifically for tourists as it is one of the most visually spectacular and the storyline is relatively easy to follow. Barong dance performances are not hard to find.

Kecak or "monkey dance" — actually invented in the 1930s by resident German artist Walter Spies for a movie but a spectacle nonetheless, with up to 250 dancers in concentric circles chanting "kecak kecak", while a performer in the centre acts out a spiritual dance. An especially popular Kecak dance performance is staged daily at Uluwatu Temple.

How i like their performance, it is quite amazing how can they put story in every performances and mesmerized the audiences..!

Next stop we went to one of popular market in Bali, while i am having no interested on all the stuffs, i just wait outside and saw this one little girl in school uniform having trouble crossing the road. So cute!

My fellow photographer and quite a creative person i think! Salute!!

Taking some portrait 

Next destination we got is one of my favourite place in Bali. You may enjoy few photos i took below..


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